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The best keyless lock for bicycle and motorbike

Whatslock Fingerprint Cable lock

WhatsLock Cable Lock is a smart keyless fingerprint lock for bicycle, motorbike, glass door and main gate security. The capacitive fingerprint identification system is more secure than traditional machine keys and combination locks. No worry about losing your key or forgetting passwords. Your finger is the key. With fingerprint recognition technology, WhatsLock Cable Lock can identify users precisely and unlock in 0.5 seconds. Besides, it can record up to 20 different fingerprints.

Rechargeable battery for up to 12months standby time. After a full charge, it can unlock more than 3,000 times. You can even use your portable rechargeable treasure to recharge.

The Aluminium alloy lock body and the PVC Rubber sleeve covered steel cable are designed to resist smashing and cutting. Strong enough for long time use. IP66 waterproof, high-quality outdoor and water resistant.

Why you need a Fingerprint Lock

 Have you ever had any trouble with the below situation? Lost your key? The Key is rusty? Your key has been copied? Difficult to find the key? If yes, WhatsLock Fingerprint Cable Lock must be your best choice. Your finger is the key. It only takes less than 1 second to unlock with a single touch.

Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery

WhatsLock Cable lock has a 3.7V 150mAh built-in lithium battery with micro-usb charge. You just need to carry a usb cable then can charge anytime & anywhere.

Waterproof Protection Design

The up to IP66 waterproof design ensures that WhatsLock Fingerprint Cable Lock can prevent the dust and rain efficiently.


  Model: C2
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Fingerprint storage: 20
Unlocking time: <500mS
Working temperature: -20℃~+70℃
Dust-proof and waterproof: IP66
Rechargeable battery: 240mAH
Lock dimensions:64x33x25 mm (2.5 * 1.3 * 1 inch)
Cable Length: 900mm (35 inch) , Φ11.4mm
Stainless steel wire: Φ4mm
Weight: 0.4KG (14 oz)
Package size: 200x150x50 mm (7.9 * 5.9 * 1.97 inch)
40 pcs/CTN

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